Web-Based Training / Distance Learning

Web-based training (WBT) can either involve instructor-led training or interactive computer based training (CBT). We offer one-on-one personalised training for trainers held via an Online screen-sharing service.

No. As we are web-based our training is provided world wide.

It all depends what you’d like to achieve during the training. If you have never worked with WordPress before, then we would advise attending the Beginners Training Course.

If you have already worked with WordPress before and want to know more about our advance training, please contact us for more information.

The advance training course provides you with the skills to optimize your WordPress websites and blogs to achieve optimum performance on the search engine. When you know how to optimize your website, you will save thousands of rands which otherwise you may have to pay a SEO agency or a consultant.

Knowing how to do SEO for your WP website is one of the essential online marketing skills you should master to bring success to your business.

Basic computer use with applications such as MS word, internet use, web browsing, use of emails, filling online forms, copying, pasting and saving files on the computer.

You don’t need knowledge of any programming or HTML skills and codes.

We do not recommend this as you can struggle to perform some functions of the training with iPad or tablets. Please make sure to have a laptop or desktop for the training.

No, we provide you with a demo site to work on during the training.

WordPress is open source web software that you can install on your web server to create your website, blog, community or network. WordPress started out as a tool for blogging, but has evolved into a full-fledged Content Management System (CMS), capable of powering websites, networks and communities.

One of the principal advantages of WordPress is that you are in control. Unlike remote-hosted scripts such as Blogger and LiveJournal, you host WordPress on your own server. Installation is very simple, as is the configuration. Unlike other software programs, there are not a million files to chmod (the command and system call which may change the access permissions to file system objects) nor are there dozens of templates to edit just to get your site set up and looking the way you want.

Also, Blog pages in WordPress are generated on the fly whenever a page is requested, so you do not have multiple archive pages clogging up your web space. Waiting for pages to rebuild is a thing of the past because template changes are made in scant seconds.

WordPress is built following W3C standards for HTML and CSS, ensuring that your site is more easily rendered across standards-compliant browsers. Other browsers are supported with a few hacks; it’s a reality of the web that hacks are necessary.

Following standards makes your WordPress site easier to manage, increases its longevity for future Internet technology adoption, and helps give your site the widest audience possible.

WordPress.com is a commercial website run by a company called Automattic. Automattic is actually run by Matt Mullenweg the founder of WordPress which causes a lot of confusion. WordPress.com  restricts what you can do on there – i.e you can’t install your own plugins or themes.

WordPress.org is the WordPress software that you install on a server and the major benefit is that you are 100% in control of what you do there. Most of our customers use WordPress.org.

No, all of our customers are using WordPress to build proper websites, with an integrated blog.

HTML, CSS and PHP – all driven by a MySQL database